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 [Accepted] Warlock Ashtonite - Application

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Warlock Ashtonite - Application   Sat 05 Feb 2011, 16:55

Personal Information
Your Firstname:

Age and Country:
Im 23yo from Greece.

Tell us about yourself:
Currently Im student on Computer Science Uni.

Tell us about your history in WoW or other MMOs:
Im playing wow since vanilla where i was a newb. After that i was a hardcore raider on TBC with my warrior then hitted 80 in 2 days and stoped playing for a year.
Then came back just before ICC hits with my lock.Also i used to play Guild Wars before WoW for a bit.

Info about your computer and internet connection:
3.16Ghz dc cpu,4Ghz Ram ,GeForce GTX220 and a 24Mbps connection.

Do you use an Authenticator?:

How stable is your internet connection?:
Pretty stable.

How much fps do you normally have in 25man raids in combat?
About 60-70ish.

Whats your ping (latency) in dalaran?

Does ANY other person have or will ever have access/password to your account? :

Did you read and understand the criteria for joining us inside the "Application Template"?

Character Information
Character Name: Ashtonite

Class & Race: Female Orc Warlock.

Professions (including Cooking & Fishing): 525 Engineering,510 Tailoring, 525Cooking, 510 Fishing, 525 Archeology.

Main spec:Used to be Destro but lately testing everything

Off Spec:Affliction PvP,Demo PvE

Armory Profile:

Information about your Keybindings: (We need to know what sort of keybindings you use for your spells/abiltiies.)
My keybinds are pretty standard. 1-5 then using every modifier Alt-Ctrl-Shift.

Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone?:

Previous PvE Experience:

Classic:Nothing more than a ZG

TBC: Everything till Brutallus. (All these on prenerf patches)
WotLK:Nax, Sarth3D,ToC25hc(3/5)and 10/12 ICC (Reached Sindragosa at the day when the last wing gone on live servers then the guild disbanded and stoped playing).

Cataclysm:So far im on 5/6 BWD 4/4 BoT ,2/2 TotFW.

Therazane Rep Level :

First Aid Level :

Do you have any PvP experience? If so what rating and bracket? (High rating players is a huge plus)
Used to PvP on 70 back with my warrior when i got 2k rating and beautiful shiny shoulders on Season 2 or 3 (cant remember:<)

Do you have any out of game skills useful to the guild like web designing or movie making?:
I used to. But thats many years before.

List names and class of every character you played at least up to level 70+(Experience with other classes is a small plus)
Warlock/Warrior/Paladin. Thats all i think

Do you know anyone from Results May Vary?
Since im a social on RMV i know many of you.Also im RL friends with Kradya,Vruuk and Malfurios.

What do you expect from Results May Vary?
A friendly atmosphere and the raiding progress excitement.

Are you fine with respeccing to a spec of the guilds need?
Im used of it.

We raid Thursday and Monday 19:00-23:00. Does the times suit you?

How active do you plan to be? What days can you and cant you raid?
I dont have busy afternoons at all.

Who controls your game time? (Wife/Girlfriend etc)
I do.

Any additional information you need to tell us?

Post a Picture of your UI (User interface):
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Warlock Ashtonite - Application   Sat 05 Feb 2011, 17:05

He out dps'd me once.. so yeah, i think that's all it takes to join us.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Warlock Ashtonite - Application   Sat 05 Feb 2011, 19:10

Iliaaaaaaaaaaaaa ela na kanoume bananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Very Happy

On short and serious notice though , he is a fucking noob (<3) warlock that is actually good and better than Limdul.

All in all,

Your top ex-dps(deaths per sec) rogue , Deathomen
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Warlock Ashtonite - Application   Mon 07 Feb 2011, 00:00

Please start working on your first aid,we are going to talk about your application after mondays raid.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Warlock Ashtonite - Application   Mon 07 Feb 2011, 23:08

Accepted for trial.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Warlock Ashtonite - Application   

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[Accepted] Warlock Ashtonite - Application
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