Results May Vary @ EU, Twisting Nether
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PostSubject: [Declined]Application   Fri 27 Mar 2009, 15:07

Personal information
Your real name: Roy
Age and Country: 51 UK
Tell us about yourself: married 4 kids all grown up now.
Tell us about your history in WoW or other MMOs: played lineage 2 hard core and played Wow hardcore when it was released and still do
Did you read and understand the criteria for joining us inside the "Application Template"? Answer in Yes or No: yes ofc

Character Information:
Character Name: Capri
Class & Race: tauren druid female
Professions: (State your skill and rare recipies also) have alchemy engineering Jewelcrafting and tailoring enchanting spread over diff chars all 450 or there abouts

Raid spec: resto
Armory Profile: Aromry link here!

Information about your Keybindings: (We need to know what sort of keybindings you use for your spells/abiltiies.) none really
Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone which you can use if needed?: (Yes / No) yes
Previous PvE Experience: (BWL/AQ40/Naxx(60)/Hyjal/BT/Naxx(80)/Sartharion/Malygos) done all except hyjal and BT, have tried malygos with VC but were unsucessful at the time
Do you have any PvP experience? If so what rating and bracket? (High rating players is a huge plus) yeah I have high warlord on my hunter Panther but not really PVPed since that nearly caused a divorce 18hrs a day for like 2 months lol

What do you expect from Results May Vary? Answer: just to raid have fun and see end game stuff
Do you like playing your class? Answer, also why? yes I have a paladin and priest in near full 7.5 but i really prefer the druid for healing its much more fun and when duel spec comes in should be even better.
How active do you plan to be? What days can you and cant you raid?: I can raid any days really I play most days all day between my chars.

Any additional information you need to tell us? not really I am have been in other guilds with opi from your guild in the past. i am online most of day on either Panther- Hunter. helgar - Paladin. Scream- priest. Capri - druid. or Olly - mage u can find me on one of them.

a Picture of your UI (User interface):
(Link here)
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Blood Guard
Blood Guard

PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Application   Fri 27 Mar 2009, 16:29


I would recommend you changing your gems a little. The choices you have made seem random at best to me.
You might want to check for gems that suit your class best. Most notably gems with +mp5 are bad choice, +crit rating is a bad choice and +int is not so good choice either.

Also, your 1st trinket being Sundial of the exalted is bad too. There are green quest rewards better for you than this. Again, for a nice summary of trinkets you might want to check

Moreover, you are 2-3 days away (assuming you do just dailies) from getting Honored Sons of Hodir shoulder enchant so you should aim for that too.

Quote :
Information about your Keybindings: (We need to know what sort of keybindings you use for your spells/abiltiies.) none really

If this means you click your spells I think you should really consider to start using key bindings as in most cases clicking is vastly inferior to using keybinds...
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High Warlord
High Warlord

PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Application   Fri 27 Mar 2009, 16:48

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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Application   

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