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 [Accepted]Tekra, Demonology Warlock

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PostSubject: [Accepted]Tekra, Demonology Warlock   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 14:55

Personal information
Your real name: Guido Rotgers
Age and Country: 20, Netherlands
Tell us about yourself: Im a nice guy which likes to progress/improve myself and want to help the guild with it. Im not really the leader kind of type, however if people in the group fail miserably and i can fix it i will jump forward and fix it Smile
Tell us about your history in WoW or other MMOs: I have been playing since Januari 2007, so i have never "really" raided preTBC. In TBC i mainly played rogue, ended up clearing BT/MH with my warlock/warrior/rogue every week. When WotLK came out i decided to play warrior mainly since everyone needed tanks, everything was less true, for some reason everyone rolled warrior. So i went back to my beloved warlock. Been gearing it and leveling my proffessions.
On raids i cleared everything but Sartharion 2/3 drakes. I have been to some wipe nights for +3D so i know the tactic.
Did you read and understand the criteria for joining us inside the "Application Template"? Yes

Character Information
Character Name:
Class & Race: Warlock Blood Elf
Professions: Tailoring/Enchanting, as i said above im still skilling them up at the moment enchanting is at 242 and tailoring at 225.
Raid spec: Demonology
Armory Profile:
Information about your Keybindings:
Here is how i play:
1. Curse of the Elements
2. Corruption
3. Macro: /cast demonic empowerment /cast shadow bolt
4. Drain Soul
Ctrl+1 Rain of fire.
Ctrl+2 Detect invisibility
Ctrl+3 Arcane torrent.
Alt+1 Underwater breathing (mostly there when i was leveling.
Alt+2 fel armor.
C Lifetap
\ Seed of Corruption
` Drain Life

Got those spells since i use them the most near eachother because i can run around then with my right hand on my mouse Smile

Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone which you can use if needed?: Yes
Previous PvE Experience: As i said preTBC i havent raided, although i did some of those instances on 70/80 still think it doesnt count. TBC: I cleared before 3.0 everything accept Sunwell.
Do you have any PvP experience? Only BGs, im not that of a PVPer.
If so what rating and bracket? -

What do you expect from Results May Vary? A nice guild, with some fast progression through Ulduar. And a good laugh too i hope Smile
Do you like playing your class? I love playing lock, locks are amazing, they crit amazingly high and will always belong at least in top 5 dps.
How active do you plan to be? What days can you and cant you raid? Only days i might not be able to raid would be Monday/Tuesday.
Any additional information you need to tell us? When you guys want to know anything else just ask me Smile.

Post a Picture of your UI:
Just using the normal UI.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Tekra, Demonology Warlock   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 15:45

Nice and readable application all in all.

I don't know what is your WoTK raid experience with your other characters, you could list their names so that we could look them up aswell, but with your warlock (had to check your achievements first since you didn't mention) you haven't done:

- Malygos 25
- OS (both 10man or 25man) with at least 1 drake up

Gear and reputations:

- 3 Valorous pieces missing top enchants (chest, Legs, Shoulders)
- Metagem 25SP/ 2%INT ? (only for Affliction spec)
- Missing Head enchant
- Missing Shoulders enchant
- Reputation with Sons of Hodir completely missing (not even discovered yet)
- low first aid skill (265)

Just pointing out the weak spots.
Good luck with your application.

Last edited by Carth on Sat 04 Apr 2009, 01:15; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Tekra, Demonology Warlock   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 15:56

Yeah completely havent done Stormpeaks quests, started them today. The enchants isnt entirely true i have legenchant and as long as i dont have reputation with hodir im using WG enchants. Armory doesnt show them i think.
EDIT: Im honored with sons of hodir now, doin dailies for exalted. Got the shoulder enchant already.

Besides that, my TBC character, a rogue called Histor, hes still 70. My warrior Buma is 80 and even better geared then this character however i dont want to play my warrior anymore.

- Metagem 25SP/ 2%INT ? (only for Affliction spec): I used to be Affliction i forgot to change it, i changed it now.

Last edited by Tekra on Sat 04 Apr 2009, 12:19; edited 3 times in total
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Blood Guard
Blood Guard

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Tekra, Demonology Warlock   Fri 03 Apr 2009, 23:38

Give us some time to discuss it. We will have an answer for you in the next few days.
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Blood Guard
Blood Guard

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Tekra, Demonology Warlock   Sat 04 Apr 2009, 17:55

We are willing to give you a chance and accept you on trial. However id like you to improve the weak spots that Carth mentioned during your trial.

Whisper one of the officers for an invite.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Tekra, Demonology Warlock   

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[Accepted]Tekra, Demonology Warlock
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