Results May Vary @ EU, Twisting Nether
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 [Declined] Zulej Death Knight Tank.

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PostSubject: [Declined] Zulej Death Knight Tank.   Tue 19 May 2009, 15:51

Personal Information:
Your real name: Marzio Mineo
Age and Country: 16,Finland
Tell us about yourself:Calm and active guy who likes to play and raid make good progress in every raid and get the latest gear.
Tell us about your history in Wow or other MMOs: Have been Playing wow for a long time now in BC i was mainly a warrior tank.
Did you read and understand the criteria : Yes

Character Information:
Character Name: Zulej
Class & Race: Undead Death Knight
Professions: Mining 450 and working on Jc at 130 now
Raid spec: Frost 7/56/8
Armory Profile:

Information about your Key bindings: First i got them 1-9 main skill Frost Strike,Howling Blast,Obliterate etc. then A:Death Coil G:Death Grip and Q:Raise Dead then upper skills are R:icy touch T:rune strike V:death and decay C:pestilence and W:strangulate and F1:Unbreakable Armor F2:Icebound Fortitude F3:Hungering Cold important tank talents.

do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone which you can use:Yes

Previous PvE Experience:Weak in wow and Bc since i was still so young but in Wotlk i started to play seriously and wanted to raid and that's what i did and i don't want to stop now when ulduar came i want to clear that and get the new tier set's. Naxx 10/25 Cleared Os 10/25 Cleared also 2Drakes in 25man And malygos killed.

Hodir rep level: Exalted
First aid level: 450

Do you have any PvP experience? :In Arena no, maybe i never wanted or just didn't have the time but in Bg im used to go in BC that was my main priority and even now im visit bg with my dk.

Do you have any out of game skills useful to the guild like web designing or movie making?: Afraid Not.

What do you expect from Results May Vary? A Good raiding guild that want's to keep their members active and well geared also always prepared for upcoming raids and i wish that someday im one of those members.

Do you like playing your class? Answer, also why? Yes cause it was a new experience for me so when i finally got zulej to lvl 80 didn't want to stop there instead i started raiding and farming gear and so far it has gone pretty well.

Are you fine with respeccing to a spec of the guilds need? Yes ofc with the new Dual-spec there is no problem at all.

How active do you plan to be? What days can you and cant you raid? I Will be very active especially in raids im use to raid at night my former and previous guild raid time ended around 00:00 server time. I'm almost OK with everyday of the week but i prefer the weekends i don't raid but Sunday is fine for me though.

Any additional information you need to tell us? I Wish u like this application i would love to join your guild and help in the ulduar raid and also in the upcoming raids im always up for a new challenge and it's awesome to have the new tiers,my max hp ATM in the raids is around 41-42k
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Zulej Death Knight Tank.   Sat 23 May 2009, 08:37

When can i get an answer been waiting a week
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Zulej Death Knight Tank.   Sat 23 May 2009, 10:37

4 days Smile But yes i blame lungorthin since he is the DK officer Razz Anyway, we should have an answer ready by tomorrow evening so hold your horses.
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High Warlord
High Warlord

PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Zulej Death Knight Tank.   Sat 23 May 2009, 13:10

sry there s no tank spot atm avaliable.
gl finding another guild
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Zulej Death Knight Tank.   

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[Declined] Zulej Death Knight Tank.
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