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 Endlessly Ret/Prot

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PostSubject: Endlessly Ret/Prot   Sat 21 Nov 2009, 02:05

Personal Information
Your real name: Desh
Age and Country: 19, UK
Tell us about yourself: I'm an excessive gamer. I like to be random and funny. I take a serious note when doing things I want to accomplish. I can't not promise I will not make a mistake however I can tell you I wont make the same mistake twice. Lets face it, no one is perfect.
Tell us about your history in WoW or other MMOs: Not much history in WOW. I only started playing 3-4 months after Wrath was released.
Info about your computer and internet connection: Pretty decent PC can run most new games. Stable internet connection - 8mb
How stable is your internet connection?: Fairly stable
How much fps do you normally have in 25man raids in combat? 40-70
Whats your ping (latency) in dalaran? 70-150
Did you read and understand the criteria for joining us inside the "Application Template"? Yes

Character Information
Character Name: Endlessly
Class & Race: Blood Elf Paladin
Professions (including Cooking & Fishing):

Jewelcrafting 450 - All melee dps epic gems/tank epic gems + some caster epic gems
Mining 450
Cooking 445 - Almost reached maxed cooking on this character ( I have enough to make my own buff food )
Fishing is around 380 (still enough to catch the finish I need)

Main spec: 5/9/57 (retri - will also spec into Divine Sarcifice if I get accepted)
Off Spec: 5/59/7 (Prot - 42k self buffed with Sanc)
Armory Profile:

Information about your Keybindings: (We need to know what sort of keybindings you use for your spells/abiltiies.) 1 2 3 4 5 6
Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone which you can use if needed?: Yes
Previous PvE Experience:
Classic: none
TBC: none

Naxx 10 cleared
Naxx 25 cleared
Ulduar 10 12/14 - I have reply code
Ulduar 25 12/14 - few hardmodes down
Totc 10 5/5
Totc 25 5/5
Totgc 10 4/5 (Downing anub this sunday got down to 40khp yesterday)

Hodir rep level : Hated (I will start doing the quests sometime tomorrow)
First aid level : 0
Do you have any PvP experience? If so what rating and bracket? 1800
Do you have any out of game skills useful to the guild like web designing or movie making?: Paintshop/Sony vegas

What do you expect from Results May Vary? 2-3(maybe even 4) solid raid days a week. A friendly guild with a sense of humor. The ability to progress onto harder content
Are you fine with respeccing to a spec of the guilds need? Yes
We raid Thursday and Monday 19:00-23:00. Does the times suit you? Indeed it's perfect
How active do you plan to be? What days can you and cant you raid? I can raid any days needed at any time with notice
Who controls your game time? (Wife/Girlfriend etc) No one
Any additional information you need to tell us?

Yes I may lack the Sons of Hodir rep however I'll try and make that up. I noticed some people will ask about expertise cap since if you look at my armory it says I have 16 only. It's because when I activate my seal it gives me 10 flat exp rating making me capped. People ask why I use agi meta, it's because you get an overall dps increase if you use it cause it's 1 orange gem over 1 blue gem which gives about 0.5% dps over the other crit meta.

I am from the same guild as melonen. We left due to everyone going inactive and leaving for other Totgc 25 guilds to cont their progress.

Post a Picture of your UI (User interface):

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High Warlord
High Warlord

PostSubject: Re: Endlessly Ret/Prot   Sun 22 Nov 2009, 16:24

Hello Endlessly,

Welcome to our forum.

Very good and promising application!
You seem you have the knowledge of your character.
Gemming and enchants are okay BUT you have to work on Hodirs reputation as soon as possible. I become disappointed when I see characters after 1 year of the WotLK to be still Hated on Hodirs. That makes me to believe you are a bit lazy because is around 10days farming nowdays, (Relics of Ulduar, Daily Dungeon and Daily Quests ofc).
Btw, I like your UI <3

Please give us some time to discuss about your application.
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PostSubject: Re: Endlessly Ret/Prot   Sun 22 Nov 2009, 23:00

Thanks, I'd just like to add if I got into RMV it would be a big help to me as since you guys only raid 2 days a week I can revise etc for upcoming exams. Plus I know that this guild wont be disappearing anytime soon. If you would like to ask me anything else drop me a whisper or mail. You can even ask melonen what type of person I am <3
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High Warlord
High Warlord

PostSubject: Re: Endlessly Ret/Prot   Mon 23 Nov 2009, 04:01

accepted on trial
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PostSubject: Re: Endlessly Ret/Prot   

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Endlessly Ret/Prot
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