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 [Withdrawn] Holy priest / disc

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PostSubject: [Withdrawn] Holy priest / disc   Mon 05 Apr 2010, 07:19

I have used a typical template for making my application so it is worth while reading.

Personal Information -

Name - Tomas Maradi
Age - 32 years old
Country - Denmark
Play Time - 20 days and 22 hours for my main. I usually play as much as I can.
If you count my alts and my previus characters in. It is about 130days in total.
Whats you FPS in a raid - 55 in 10 man raids. 45 in 25 man raids.

Character Info -

Name - Allmightiee
Class - Priest
Race - Blood elf
Level - 80
Main PvE Spec - Holy

Armory Link -

Alts - Im making links for your guys to see for your selfs. They are ok geared and can be used in most raids. Prime specs for theese are Protection for my Undead warrior and for my Troll mage its arcane.
My archiements are spread over all three of them. Yes Im visitile.

1 Alt :
2 Alt :

Professions -

Professions - Tailoring / Enchanting ( My alts - Alchemy / Herbalism / Mining / Engineering )
Profession Skill - 450 / 460 ( My alts - 450 / 450 / 450 / 450 )
Cooking Skill - 450 on my alt " Eviltank "
First Aid Skill - 450 on my alt " Eviltank " Dont have on the other charaters.
Fishing Skill - 411 on my alt " Eviltank " Dont have on the other characters.

Pve experience -

Classic WoW - Havent played much of it sadly.
The Burning Crusade - Kara, ZA,Gruuls. On another account that I dont have anymore.
Wrath of The Lich King - Icc25 man raid, Ive cleared up til Festergut Icc10 man raid, Ive cleared until Putricide.
Naxx10 Cleared all . Naxx25 cleared all. OS 3D -25 . Malygos 10. Trial of the crusader 10 cleared all. Trial of the grand crusader 10 Untill faction champions. Trial of the crusader 25. Cleared all. Ulduar 10, havent done " The desecent into madness " And did some hardmodes, Orbit-uary 4 orbital defense systems active + Hearbreaker.

PvP -

Whats your highest PvP arena rating to date?
I do not play pvp at all. -

Previous Guilds -
Aegis Nucturna / Buyout
Reasons for Leaving - Aegis Nucturna disbanned guild.
Then I joined Buyout, for the main reason, that it is all Danish and have nice and pleasent people there. " not that much raiding going on " too bad though. Have not left Buyout yet !

Why have you applied to RMV -

I find your guild interresting, because of your dedication in raiding and your superior progress through world of warcraft.
And I hope you guys are nice to. I dont have any idea. But im hoping :-)

Raid Attitude -

Can you attend all raids - Yes and no .. I will explain more under sell your self.
Do you farm Raid mats for yourself and guild - Yes I do farm mats for my self and for raids.
If so What do you farm and how much - Depends on what is on the prio. list... Typical its mats for Raid.
How do you feel about wiping repeatedly on the same boss to learn the fight- Thats the only way to getting to know the boss and learning the mechanics, so no whining here, if we are doing progress and learning.
I allways show up on time and well prepared.

Can you raid overtime -


Add Ons -

What add ons do you use for raiding - Healbot, Recount, Omen, Grid, Deadly boss mods, Pom.

Do you have ventrilo 3.0 installed and do you have a mic - Yes, communication is vital.

A screen shot of your UI :

Connection -

What connection do you have - Download is 20mb and uplink is 1mb
How stable is your connection -
Whats your MS in game - 168 ms

Additionall Information -

Hello guys.

First of all thank you for your all of your time to read this about little oh me

I can usually attend all the raids that is going on. BUT.. and the but is important!
I am a proud dad with 2 lovely children and a adorable wife. I have a full time job. My job is abit unusually. I am a Lokomotive-driver and I work all hours of the day. My scheduale is differant every month so I can never sign for a raid untill the 25th each month. Then I know when and what time I can raid for that month.

Otherwise, you will see a didicated wise old guy, with alot of heart and humor.
I speak english like I speak like my native language.
The Guild I am in now " Buyout " I am one of the 4 raid leaders.
Reason why I havent left Buyout, Well thats because I love the guys, but its sadly but true, the spirit of progressing in wow seems to have vanished I Have tried to make alot of new raids and doing old content, but I has not changede theire spirit. This guild will not change for a long time or never?! Thats why I would like to try out " Serius " gamers with the need of progressing!
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PostSubject: Holy crap :-)   Mon 05 Apr 2010, 08:31

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PostSubject: Re: [Withdrawn] Holy priest / disc   Tue 06 Apr 2010, 19:46

Hello Tomas,
it seems you haven't used the application template, so there are some important questions you have left out.
Anyway, good luck with the application.
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PostSubject: Re: [Withdrawn] Holy priest / disc   Wed 07 Apr 2010, 06:13

Carth wrote:
Hello Tomas,
it seems you haven't used the application template, so there are some important questions you have left out.
Anyway, good luck with the application.

Yes I nocticed and im sorry.

But things have changede!
I have been invited to another guild while you did not have time to answer my application :-(

Sorry for the trouble, I wish you guys the best

Kind regards Tomas.
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PostSubject: Re: [Withdrawn] Holy priest / disc   

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[Withdrawn] Holy priest / disc
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