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 [Declined] holy paladin apply

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PostSubject: [Declined] holy paladin apply   Thu 15 Apr 2010, 06:30

Personal Information

Name - Abbas
Age - 21
Country - Kuwait
Play Time -
Total time played160days ,12 hours,54 minutes 52seconds
Time played this level : 137 days ,12 hours , 40 minutes ,10 seconds
Character Info

Name -wtbhealz
Class - paladin
Race - bloodelf
Level - 80
Main PvE Spec - holy – holy pvp
Armory Link -
Alts - none wtbhealz my only char in this game


Professions -
Profession Skill -
Cooking Skill - 450
First Aid Skill - 450
Fishing Skill - 450
Alchemy - 450
Jewelcrafting - 450

PvE Experience
i started at the end of bc and reached 70 when wotlk came
Classic WoW - none
The Burning Crusade - none
Wrath of The Lich King -
*Voa - 10/25- cleared
*Earth, Wind & Fire -10 /25- not cleared yet
*Naxx - 10/25- cleared
*Glory of the raider 10 man 11/17
*Glory of the raider 25 man 11/17
*Os+ 3d -10 /25 - cleared
*Eoe -10/25 - cleared
*Ony -10/25- cleared
*Ulduar 10 yogg still alive 12/14
25 cleared 14/14
*Glory of the ulduar raider 10 man 10/13
*Glory of the ulduar raider 10 man 10/13
*Call of the Crusade -10 /25 - cleared
*Call of the Grand Crusade -10 cleared with A Tribute to Insanity -
-25 - 4/5 gota hate when my old gm call the raid at anub
*icc 10 man 11/12
*Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10) got 5 only
*icc 25 man 11/12
*Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25) got 3

Guild Info
Previous Guilds -Reasons for Leaving -
i started my paladin at ally side at darksorrow name wtbhealz
it was an arabic guild but i had some problems with a gm there and i left the guild
*Final Evolution
independence and fe was related to each other so i join this guild
we was progressing ulduar 25 at the first weeks we reached kologaren after little time from joining them the guild desbands
*Solis Rise
i joined this guild with my little cousin we reached yogg 25 and i lift the guild cuz mainly the problem was that the we havent enough progress attempts on yogg and i had a problem with studying
*Guild Of Honor
when i joined that guild was already disbanded
*Attero Dominatus
when i joined this guild i hated the dark sorrow and i wanted to leave this server for good
*i moved to sylvanas named my paladin mesao.
Silent Vision:
that guild was unstable there is few names to clear why am saying this :
the main guild was Silent Vision then their guild bank been ninjad by their gm after that sunkissed took the guild bank they ppl who left made Subtraction at ulduar progress then Subtraction had same ninja thingi and made Persistence and they made a huge recriutment to get the guild up again to make it able to raid
anyway there was not ulduar hard modes runs and i lift them when i finished toc
perfect guild but i had a fight with the main holy paladin with them because he was holy retri and he prefer taking crit instead of taking divine sacrifice=(raid shield wall ) for twins heroic that paladin name was mspuggy or something don’t remember
the gm was his irl friend so ….he was like get the hell out of my guild
anyway i switch to retri spec and joined casual guild
was a guild that farms normal’s so cba that guild but that only for 25 and 10 man heroic was the real talk when you go with em and progress and see the ppl with slow reacted we reached 4/5 togc 10 and ppl was scared to death to enter the instance and have some attempts at the 50/50 attempts that the instance give you so was little bit lolling time .
I JOINED Bushido OMG I HATE THIS GUILD I had like 10000% attendance with them over along time then they gave a wepone and the best dps trinket for another slacking Nob trail as off spec ( /GQUIT ENTER)
Came back to Silent Vision:
After they realized that ulduar is Z most important raid at wotlk and maybe still ppl are farming it for the legendary mace and mounts and testing trails there I came back to them finished icc 6/12 we was supposed to progress :
1)anub at togc 25
2)blood queen
3) professor
But long blabla story core [Healers] lift the guild or went inactive cuz most of them and am one of them get fed of farming instead of having some good attempts at other bosses
I lift and another problem came up my comp at my house comp crushed QQ
Ahhh I remember I changed to a space cow cuz was better to have 5 cows at the raid so no one lack hit xD
I did not realize the problem until one month later from now

I changed server to joined a good server for pvp at ally side I joined vangared I was named silver hand

Anyway ally sucks in this server and I changed to blood elf join chop chop and failed trail for the first time lol
Join hydra after omg well I cant to stand to play with ppl showing 2 days a week they just pvp and go offline then
Well that’s all I think I was detailed enough pewpew
Then moved to here joined fully loaded hate to say i failed my trail over a joke : : /
Why have you applied to results may vary? :
Cuz farming normal’s sucks no challenge no achievements no good gear and not feeling better after killing a boss in icc or even saying pewpew
Do you know anyone in results may vary? :
Dno if ppl know me in results may vary new in the server : /
Raid Attitude

Name the 3 skills you use most in raids and why you use them like you do OR describe your typical skill rotation (whichever is more relevant):
Well its easy . 3 right ?
Judgement > Holy light > holy shock
By this rotation you will accese:
* Judgement of Light:
1) aoe healing or aoe mana regen for caster debuff on your target that you judge
2) haste buff >Judgements of the Pure 1 min timer
3) mana back from seal of wisdom
* Holy Light:
1) 20000 health buck unbuffed for your main target
2) aoe heal if you have Glyph of Holy Light
3) haste buff > Light's Grace < you need to keep that buff all the time cuz it haz short timer that’s why intellect is the best stats for holy paladin and you will need glyph of seal of wisdom from some fight that make you need to use that spell alot +melle attacks and mouse over due hiting for bosses that need from youalot of holy lights + you can macro it with [Divine Illumination] [Talisman of Resurgence] [Sliver of Pure Ice]
*holy shock
1) instant 9000 health back unbuffed
2)if you have 2nd set bouns tire 10 you can benefit from it for movement fights because it give you less 0.3 sec for your next holy light
*** if it crits
3) Infusion of Light > instant flask of light or 20% more crit for holy light

Do you farm Raid mats for yourself and guild if needed? –
Ofc I come for each raid with my flasks and food and get best enchants and best gems
How do you feel about wiping repeatedly on the same boss to learn the fight-
Wipe is part of the game . but ofc learning from our mistakes and fast reacting is the most important things .
Can you raid overtime – I ll be stricked with raid time until the raid called out on vent or raid chat I have my family and study at the other hand and cant miss with them

Add Ons
What add ons do you use for raiding –
Normal blizzard ui not that fancy enisdia ui + grid – grid raid debuffs –palypower – dbm for alerts –bigwings some times to watch timers
I don’t like to play with a lot of addons Anyway
Do you have ventrilo 3.0 installed and do you have a mic –
A screen shot of your UI in combat or raid :
mm just grid is added for raids and i don’t use it for 10 mans only for 25


How stable is your connection –good connection
Whats your MS in game -
50ms and 150 fps at 25 raids
Additionall Information :
I think this is my lucky day here and thnx for reading
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] holy paladin apply   Thu 15 Apr 2010, 07:08

Is it possible to make it all a bit more organised? with bold words for instance (When I see a big sheet of plain text i don't even want to read it Razz). And it would be nice to see your PVE gear in armory.
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High Warlord
High Warlord

PostSubject: Re: [Declined] holy paladin apply   Thu 15 Apr 2010, 07:14

Copy/Paste from somewhere else I guess?! Sure.

We can not give any answer if you don't use our application template.

Application failed because the only thing which you read in our forum is that we are looking for a Holy Paladin and nothing else.

Thank you for applying us and good luck finding a guild.
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] holy paladin apply   

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[Declined] holy paladin apply
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