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 malygos the movie is up

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Blood Guard
Blood Guard

PostSubject: malygos the movie is up   Tue 10 Mar 2009, 11:30
here is the link since i dint know if I could post the the movie here so you could see it on the forums Very Happy
but here, see it rate it 5 or die Very Happy
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Blood Guard
Blood Guard

PostSubject: Re: malygos the movie is up   Thu 12 Mar 2009, 12:34

to anwser alot of in game chat q's and vent q's
1: have you alt z the whole fight?! madnes?!
anwser: no I havent it is a combination of being able to record in full screen, and priemiere not fitting the full screen meaning you just cant see the interface and icons and most of my dmg . i dint want to edit that much and I am glade about the results!
1.2 wil you make a movie with the interface shown.
anwser : no I wont, for me its the fight and the lore that matters the most. not my deffult wow bar ^^
2.0 so did you have the interface on the whole fight and what was your dps?.
anwser: yes I did have the interface running or in phase 3 i did exp a bug where i dint see the pet bar for the first tiem ever and couldent see malygos icon when i clicked on him... was horribal was hard but i survived wich is more suprisssing than anything:P to the dps I dont got dmg meter but in the first 2 phases I was on 5th.. went noobskull in phase 3 for the reasons explained before and the fact i suck phase 3 Razz but in genral my dps with all the buffs is around 4 k. with aoe 6-7 k ...

3.0: what will be your next movie.. ?!
will make a movie on 90 % of the bosses in ulduar,and obsidian 3 drakes:)

4.0 are you guilded( got that from a guy in game lol cant he who like any normal person noooooo)

yes I am guiled with results may vary on Twisting Nether.

5. made your own music ??
no this from an band called Immediate Music. and all credit for thier music should go to them not me Very Happy

6. will you have my babys? :O
no yayawoot >( I wont!
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Blood Guard
Blood Guard

PostSubject: Re: malygos the movie is up   Thu 12 Mar 2009, 15:58

The only think id like to add here is :

Whyy?i want your babies!gief! What a Face tongue
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PostSubject: Re: malygos the movie is up   

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malygos the movie is up
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