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 [Declined] Re: Resto/feral druid application -wzzp

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PostSubject: [Declined] Re: Resto/feral druid application -wzzp   Sun 29 Aug 2010, 14:35

Greetings Results may vary!

- Personal Information -
First/Last Name: Robert Carlsson
Location: Katrineholm / Sweden
Nationality: Sweden
Age: 18 soon 19
Sex (Male/Female - Yes doesn't count): Male
Do you Smoke/Drink/ do Drugs? Well, i use to go out sometimes with my friends, on a saturday or friday.
Do you have a stable connection?How often do you get disconnects? Very rarely i have 24mbit/s very stable indeed.
Do you have stable FPS during 25man raids?: Yes, around 40 fps (on bosses).

- Character Information -
Name: Wzzp
Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Talents (00/00/00): 13/00/58
Please post your armoury link here :: ... er&cn=Wzzp
Profession(s):: Leatherworking 450 / Skinning 450

-Have you read guild rules and fully understand it? Yes, i have done it .

-Tell us something about your wow career. (We like to see a story here - What guilds have you played with?, Why did you leave your previous guild?, Have you ever stopped playing WoW? etc)

-What resources do you use to Theory Craft and stay up to date with the going's on with your class and the game in general?: Well , checking on MMO-champion or else i google it. I can play my class well . Very easy rotation indeed.

-What raiding add-ons you are using? DBM(ofc)Coartz, OmniCC , Healbot ,Recount Tok'ui
-What class specific add-ons you are using? I don't think's thats necessary. I mean resto druid isn't hard to play as i said.

-Post a picture of your raiding User Interface: ... 31440.jpg/
I used to play like this and really enjoyed it. was around 12 k hps on Blood Queen there. But that picture isn't a good impression indeed .
Your application depends on the quality of your User Interface. Please post a current picture.

-If possible link an Icecrown WWS or WMO log with your current gear.If you don't know even what are those dont apply and waste your time.

-Please describe what your key-bindings are and how you would use them in a raid:
TAB : Rejuvenation 1: Nourish 2: Regrowht Scroll up : Swiftmend R: abolish poison F: Remove curse mouse 5: innervate Mouse 6 :Lifebloom

The rotation is pretty easy just : Reju Reju Reju then wild Growth on a melee (i prefer that because they are really ''squizy'') Regrowth on tanks sometimes nourish when taking huge damage on them and stack lifebloom and keep reju reju reju and keep wild growht up on melees .

- Experience Information -
(These must be filled in relation to when the content was released which means patch 1.x level 60 you cleared BWL = correct, level 70 = not correct)
-Fill in Yes or No, (Yes means you cleared it all, if not state how many boss you down there.

Vanilla experience (Level 60) :
MC: -
ZG: -
BWL: -
AQ20: -
AQ40: -
Naxxramus: -

The Burning Crusade experience (pre nerf 3.0.2):
Kara: Tanked on my warrior cleared that shit.
ZA: Tanked on my warrior cleared it.
Maghteridon: Tanked on my warrior cleared it.
SSC: Tanked on my warrior , never cleared it.
TK: Tanked on my warrior , never cleared it.
Mount Hyjal: Tanked on my warrior , never cleared it.
Black Temple: Tanked in BT and downed about 2-3 bosses -.-.
Sunwell Plateau: -

Wrath of the Lich King 10-man:
Naxxramas: Cleared.
The Vault of Archavon: Cleared.
The Obsidian Sanctum: Cleared.
How many Drakes: 3
The Eye of Eternity: Cleared.
Ulduar: Never cleared :/
Hard Modes completed: 4-5 Never progressed in there this character is pretty new i dinged 80 soon in Wotlk.

Wrath of the Lich King 25-man:
Naxxramas: Cleared.
The Vault of Archavon: Cleared.
The Obsidian Sanctum: Cleared.
How many Drakes: 3.
The Eye of Eternity: Cleared.
Ulduar: Never cleared
Hard Modes completed: 1 i think.
Trial of the Grand Crusader 10: Cleared.
Trial of the Grand Crusader 25: NO
(Note that both Trial's above is hard modes. if you have not done any bosses on hard mode, just type NO)
IceCrown Citadel 10: 10/12 knows experience on sindra and lk fights but haven't been in a guild that have good progress in icc ..
IceCrown Citadel 25: 10/12 ^

- Additional Information -
Can you raid on these 2 days at the time shown above?: Yes, i can and i would love to .
How much do you play in a normal week?: every day .
Who controls you gaming hours?: (wife/parents/gf) None

Do you have the ability to provide your own consumables?: Yes, i always bring flasks and reagents but fish feast is ''always'' up in the raid so i counting on that to show up there .
We require our raiders to use Ventrilo
Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it?: Yes ofcourse what else is the microphone for ?
I have ventrilo mix and ventrilo 3.0 depends what version you use . I'm a social guy that can ''take'' jokes of me and love to have a laugh .

- Extra Information
Do you know anyone from the guild?: No, i'm affraid not but it would be a pleasure to know someone from one of the servers greatest guild
Why should Results may vary accept you?: I can craft Lw recipes and legenchants cheap . And ofcourse you can always counting on me if you need me for some reason . I can take jokes about me and i rarely takes something offensive, people know me as a happy man that is a bit geeky .
Are you able to take criticism?: yes i can, as i said i rarely takes something offensive
Anything you want to add about yourself?: Well i'm a handsome man that studying in school to soon be able to get a work . On my freetime i love to play wow and just relax

this was my very own topic made by me Smile

Thanks for reading my applycation. and hopefully we can be playmates
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High Warlord
High Warlord

PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Re: Resto/feral druid application -wzzp   Sun 29 Aug 2010, 15:14

Robert thank you for your application. I found it "interesting". I liked the way you completely abandoned our template for one of your own Smile

After reviewing your WOW history and gear level/spec and experience, i feel we can not consider you for a position in the guild.

Good luck in the future finding a home to raid.


p.s. I would strongly consider changing your build to a 18/0/53 that uses 3 points in Celestial Focus. The soft haste cap for this is 735 with 3 points in this talent and this is the first thing you should be aiming at with your gear.
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[Declined] Re: Resto/feral druid application -wzzp
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