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 [Accepted] Casual application.

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Casual application.   Mon 30 Aug 2010, 18:08

Personal Information
Your real name:
Age and Country:
Tell us about yourself:
I've been playing wow for about 3 years, started off alliance and re-rolled horde with some mates.
We started a guild called bad blood who over our time on agamaggan got to 2nd in the progress ratings.

Bad blood ran a no officers policy,so we all had shared resposibilities within the guild.
i used to do announcements on vent, get out of fire etc in bt.

When wotlk was due for release we struggled to get players on for brutalis
progress, and ended up deciding to migrate to Twisting nether.
We did ok here under the name of Cruel fate but then the Gm decided that acheivements were not for him and quit,
we staggered on for a few more months then dispanded.Our members joining other guilds.

Deathomen went to chapter i think then conspiracy.a few went to epix, and i went to rising sun.
After about 4 weeks in RS i was promoted to role leader,
Although I had declined the offer as my knowledge of others classes is not brilliant.
They promoted me to a general officer, a position i help for the duration of my stay in the guild.

We did all content currently available,Immortal etc,6 min maly,ulduar came out and I guess i just raided way too much,
every 25 man every 10man,cleared the place and ended up with RSI in my wrist.
I was very gutted as i loved the guild but told them i was leaving,

I kept in touch with RS and also carried on with advice in an officer role although not in the guild anymore.
I rejoined them recently but was getting pulled back into raiding slowly so I had to g/quit again,
not an easy thing but my health comes first.I just didnt want to end up a 7 day raider again.

Which brings me to this point, Im applying as a casual member, getting abit lonely with no G chat,
and as im sure anyone in RS will say im quite a sociable guy, and will give me a fair reference.
I'm currently working on my gear for no other reason than its fun to do and keeps my interest in the game,
I've recently got into pvp too, which seems crazy as i used to hate it,or it hated me, one or the other,
prolly cos i used to suck really bad at it,now i just suck:)

Tell us about your history in WoW or other MMOs:
For wow see above, I played aion for a month or two after I left RS but it became a massive grind,Played AOC, Warhammer
Info about your computer and internet connection:
Self built thing, Stable enough for me no problems yet
Do you use an Authenticator?:
Yes,Have done for quite a while now
How stable is your internet connection?:
Without jixing it very stable, cannot recall a dc inside a raid, just outside ulduar everytime i ressed to fly back in Oo
How much fps do you normally have in 25man raids in combat?
Sorry Cannot recall but was always fine for me
Whats your ping (latency) in dalaran?

Does ANY other person have or will ever have access/password to your account? :
Did you read and understand the criteria for joining us inside the "Application Template"? Answer in Yes or No
Yes (Although I dont meet some criteria)

Character Information
Character Name:
Class & Race:
Professions (including Cooking & Fishing): (State your skill and rare recipies also)
Enchanting 430/460 just did it for ring enchant
Alchemy 450/450 for mixology
Cooking 450/450 for fish feast

Main spec:
Off Spec:
Armory Profile:

Information about your Keybindings: (We need to know what sort of keybindings you use for your spells/abiltiies.)
I use alot of key bindings,got all my main shadow sizzle bound,and my hold spells too for those sticky raid situaltion where I need to swap quick
Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone?: (Yes / No)
Previous PvE Experience:
Classic:Nothing when current(done some since for the fun of it)
TBC:Everything pre nerf up to brutalis(buggers nerfed it when we were raiding him to about 30% sigh,
everything after that later on

WotLK:Everything up to algalon(when i quit raiding) although i do have a little icc experience,
very little mind you got kingslayer but just helping out a lax raid night

Hodir rep level :
First aid level :
Do you have any PvP experience? If so what rating and bracket? (High rating players is a huge plus)
I do have some pvp experience but nothing worth mentioning here yet!
Do you have any out of game skills useful to the guild like web designing or movie making?:
I do 3d modelling for a living in engineering,also some vegas experience,here is a video i did along time ago, pretty basic but meh

List names and class of every character you played at least up to level 70+(Experience with other classes is a small plus)
Femai mage 80 (rubbish gear)
feimay drood,feral (mainly welfare pvp)
feemai Hunter (rubish gear)

Do you know anyone from Results May Vary?
Just Deathwoman(lol he hates that name)
What do you expect from Results May Vary?
A freindly enviroment to have fun in
Are you fine with respeccing to a spec of the guilds need?
Sure, if needed
We raid Thursday and Monday 19:00-23:00. Does the times suit you?
Times are fine, however im applying as casual unless you need a slot filling
Although that being said,2 raid nights a week is quite tempting to apply as a raider.

How active do you plan to be? What days can you and cant you raid?
Im very active,
Who controls your game time? (Wife/Girlfriend etc)
Any additional information you need to tell us?
Im sure if you need a reference if you speak with any officer in RS they will give one.
Madtoady, Dappy, Dentan

Post a Picture of your UI (User interface):
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Blood Guard
Blood Guard

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Mon 30 Aug 2010, 18:21

hello Mark,

in order to be able to see your links, you have to be registered in our forum Smile .

Here is the link of your armory:
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Mon 30 Aug 2010, 18:44

Ah thanks,

I was getting abit worried why they were not showing, anyhoo i missed that im from the UK on my app,And on key bindings It should say holy and not hold,Tried editting but had no joy prolly for the same reason.
I proof read the bugger too, always spot it after posting:)
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Mon 30 Aug 2010, 20:03

Hey noob..

You know me and Kradya aswell or do I need to feel hurt here !
Anyway I wouch even for raid spot..

(haven't checked gear)
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Mon 30 Aug 2010, 20:13

Hiya mate,

Sorry i didnt know you guys were in this guild.
Cancel my app!

just kidding.
I really hope you guys are well, not spoke to anyone really for awhile from cf, jakarba whispered me th other day to say hi, hes doing ok by the sounds of things,Donboo is good to, from what he was saying recently and woffeh is currently stuffing his face with coissants in france, reeco and skin were going to meet up with him,dont know if it happened yet, not seen any facebook updates.

Anyway, if the app goes south dont forget to whisper me in game, we can do some bgs n stuff if you like, or you could just stand and laugh at my gear i dont mind;)

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Mon 30 Aug 2010, 22:34

Aye, good to hear from you again.
Now that I transfered my rogue here, we can go city camping again Smile-

Woffeh went to DK a few weeks ago and meet up with Boo.
Could'nt get the day off from GF so missed out some beers :/
Boo is fine, have to look at him every day at work, hehe.
Both him and Demog should be back for Cata although they are both not sure what classes they wanna play.
I suspect Demog will stick to his warrior even though he moans and groins about it all the time.

BTW the guild progress and story he tells is where both me, kradya and DO comes from, before we transfered the guild to TN.

Double BTW, I moved to Chapter first after the G-disband and DO followed me..
Dunno why I deserved that Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Tue 31 Aug 2010, 05:58

Femay!! Welcome back. Long time to see you online.

Anyways good luck with your application even if its for social. Hope to see you in guild soon Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Tue 31 Aug 2010, 06:59

Hello! It's a nice and honest application and from what i've been reading you must be quite skillful. You have been also very friendly and polite in our ingame conversation regarding some issues about the forums.
I think though it's more of an <Alts May Vary> case since we don't have casual rank in the main guild (We have not been accepting casuals since Naxxramas with a few exceptions and it was mostly people who were already in the guild by then or in one case a good geared friend who was gearwise ready to jump in to any fight and help. Original idea was to run with sticktly 40members, which was partially achieved). And tbh casuals are more happy in Alts May Vary since most members ar logged on on their alts during noraid days, which fits perfectly in your case to cope with gchat loneliness and eventually improve your gear in the weekly 10man alt raids.

Don't let my comment discourage you, it's an officers' decision at the end, since those things might have changed.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Tue 31 Aug 2010, 12:14

OH HI FEMAY. I sense a lot of discussions between the MoomooJUJU we have and Femay Very Happy Because they are both brits. Btw Moomo today i joined ICC 25 lootrun on my alliance alt and abacus dropped Rolling Eyes


Ninja vouch for best raid leader in my wow carreer !
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Tue 31 Aug 2010, 12:29

Woot.. what are you doing on the wrong side?
Tell me your not a gnome!
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Tue 31 Aug 2010, 14:05

Accused wrote:
Woot.. what are you doing on the wrong side?
Tell me your not a gnome!

Human pala tank:D just playing some raids with irl friends when i have free time Razz
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High Warlord
High Warlord

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Tue 31 Aug 2010, 15:04

Hi and welcome.

Nice application and obviously a very good and solid pedigree. Being an old fart like me gives you an added brownie point too!

As Carth quite rightly said we dont have social spots in the guild. They are just for "old skool" members or those on long sabatical (burn-out).

We would not be able to offer you a social spot in the main guild but you would be welcomed into the alt guild. As mentioned there is more action in there than in the main especially nearing the end of current content.

If you were to have a mind to raid again then i would suggest the alt guild first and use this to help you gear up in some of the 10 man silly runs we have. We would then look towards applying for a raid spot and trial and the usual protocol etc. Of course this would be subject to availability for your class and if we can fit you in.

Sadly i cant take Deathomen or the guild's Justin Beiber (as he likes to be known), recommendation seriously. I mean the guy can get agro and die even when hes afk in a totally different raid ID! As for Kradya and Accussed then go on we could be sway'd Razz



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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   Tue 31 Aug 2010, 16:23

Hiya Moomoo,

Poor deathwoman, always on the end of some kind of jokeXD.
I remember asking RS all to whisper him "deathwoman" once when he said he didnt like the name XD.
But seriously, i have alot of fond memories of these guys and we all have quite alot of history from our old guild, it still is today the closest guild i have ever been in,so much so that we all still greet eachother in a warm way.
Another bit of pointless history is that even after we dispanded we all had a channel called cfalts, a channel we created due to my old guild zero alt policy.
we all used to talk in this when we were in other guilds and it made the guilds collapse more bearable, i will always vouch for these guys in a very positive way cos they all went through what i went through when we dispanded and it was not fun i can tell you.
It was reminisent of losing 30 +close mates in one fell swoop,horrible,horrible.

Anyhoo, i would love to take your offer of joining your alts guild, sounds like just what im looking for.
Thanks again for your time, and i look forward to doing stuff with you, be it invading ironforge(a disco priest only raid is really funny btw, we did "when priests attack part one" in our old guild would be great to do another with more if anyones up for it), or just pounding on some allies in bgs.

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Casual application.   

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[Accepted] Casual application.
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