Results May Vary @ EU, Twisting Nether
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 [Accepted] Retri Paladin Application

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Retri Paladin Application   Wed 13 May 2009, 19:17

Personal Information
Your real name:Billy Haller
Age and Country: Sweden 22
Tell us about yourself:t Im a Season working guy! Working summers home at winter. Im that kind of a guy that cant stop whit somthing untill its finnished I like to play games alo
Tell us about your history in WoW or other MMOs: I started play 05 whit my hunter and playd pvp fulltime and after a while <i took a break about a year and started a paladin when Burning Crusade was relased and where raiding some whit it, and then a new break and started again whit Wotlk. I have played Never winter nights 1 and 2. Im have also played Diablo II seriusly
Did you read and understand the criteria for joining us inside the "Application Template"? Answer in Yes or No: Yes

Character Information
Character Name: Hamobi
Class & Race: Paladin Blood Elf
Professions: Jc 450 and Bs 450 cooking 450 all vendor recipies.
Raid spec: Retriubution
Armory Profile:

Information about your Keybindings: I use melee1,2,3,4,5,e,r,q,c,f,x,t and then the same combination but shift is defensiv spells: 1,s2,s3,s4,s5,sE and so on whit alt: alt1,alt2,alt3 same same keybindings as the first one but on alt hotkey are only healing spels and then we have the ctrl combination and thats fast buffs and some seals.
Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone which you can use if needed? Yes
Previous PvE Experience: Naxx(80)/Sartharion/Malygos
Hodir rep level :Exalted
First aid level :450
Do you have any PvP experience? If so what rating and bracket? 1730 is my highest rating last season 2v2 Retri paladin, Resto Shammy. And 1720 whit my hunter survival, resto shammy.
Do you have any out of game skills useful to the guild like web designing or movie making?: No

What do you expect from Results May Vary? To raid and have someone to play and talk whit
Do you like playing your class? Answer, also why? love it geting good on it to that why, played holy hole Bc and the first season in wotlk
Are you fine with respeccing to a spec of the guilds need? depends becouse I have retri pve/pvp specc but I have okey gear gor ulduar as holy.
How active do you plan to be? What days can you and cant you raid? Im active I cant say on 100% when I can raid in the weeks for awhile becouse of my work Im staying on hotels and workin long days but I 100% activ on week ends
Any additional information you need to tell us? Im a former member of dereliction thats why Im guild less

Post a Picture of your UI (User interface): [/url][/url]
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High Warlord
High Warlord

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Retri Paladin Application   Thu 14 May 2009, 05:28

Big fan of Diablo II myself , still cant help it . At the moment recruiment is closed. Maybe in future.
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[Accepted] Retri Paladin Application
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