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Results May Vary @ EU, Twisting Nether
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 07.02.2010 Valithria down

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07.02.2010 Valithria down Empty
Post07.02.2010 Valithria down

07. February 2010

07.02.2010 Valithria down Wowscr16

07.02.2010 Valithria down Deathk10207.02.2010 Valithria down Warrio10 407.02.2010 Valithria down Rogue10107.02.2010 Valithria down Paladi10507.02.2010 Valithria down Hunter10207.02.2010 Valithria down Druid10107.02.2010 Valithria down Warloc10307.02.2010 Valithria down Mage10107.02.2010 Valithria down Shaman10407.02.2010 Valithria down Priest102
[Bracers of Eternal Dreaming] = Nuwin
[Devium's Eternally Cold Ring] = Cielago
[Scourge Reaver's Legplates] = Daronos
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07.02.2010 Valithria down :: Comments

Re: 07.02.2010 Valithria down
Post Mon 08 Feb 2010, 07:56  Voltus
Nice screenshot Carth! I'm the sexiest there! xD

LoL at Stigma! Carth, I think you can cut the bottom of this photo below my feet :p
Re: 07.02.2010 Valithria down
Post Mon 08 Feb 2010, 23:47  Patulous
Gz re keep it up..
Re: 07.02.2010 Valithria down
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07.02.2010 Valithria down

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